The Ethereum Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Tokens, Tokenising Fiat Currency and a Decentralised Trustless Exchange Contract Market

Thu, 08/12/2016 - 5:30pm

Bok Khoo


Commonwealth Bank, Level 19, Darling Park Tower 1, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000


The first ever trusted platform for the transfer of tokens was first established by the Bitcoin network in on Jan-03-2009 18:15:05 UTC. On Jul-30-2015 15:26:13 UTC, the first block #0 of the Ethereum blockchain was mined.

This programmable trusted platform is the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin, a Russian Canadian who is currently 22 years old. The Ethereum blockchain has since grown and is currently capitalised at more than ~ AUD 1 billion in less than 2 years, compared to Bitcoin’s ~ AUD 16 billion in 7+ years. It is the blockchain platform that has drawn the most developers, and many are still working out the whole new world of possibilities enabled by this platform.

While the Bitcoin blockchain main function is to facilitate the transfer of bitcoin tokens from account to account, Ethereum provides a platform where smart contracts, small programs on the blockchain, are able to securely receive, hold and send tokens.

In this seminar, I will give a live introduction to the Ethereum blockchain. I will demonstrate the deployment and execution of smart contracts and token contracts, and discuss some of the security issues. I will also demonstrate a sample Ethereum smart contract for banks to tokenise fiat currency on the blockchain, with KYC and the ability for banks to have control over the account balances with a full audit trail. Finally I will walk through the mechanics of the decentralised trustless exchange contract market platform I deployed on 18 Nov 2016 and am still building out.

Presenter background: Bok Khoo is an actuary, consultant and quant developer working with banking and financial institutions and exchanges. He has recently taken a deep dive into the world of programmable blockchains after many sleepless nights.

Sponsored by Commonwealth Bank

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