Sydney Monthly Lunch Series - Metrics and Methods for Hedging Left Tail Risk

20 Feb 2020

Associate Professor James Doran


RedOak Beer Cafe
201 Clarence St, Sydney


Discussion leaders: A/Prof James Doran

Short bio: James Doran is a Senior Fellow/Associate Professor at the UNSW where he teaches derivatives and financial risk management. Prior to his appointment he was the CIO at multiple hedge funds that specialized in volatility, and was a chaired professor in the U.S where he taught portfolio management, investment theory, and asset pricing. He has over 20 years of experience in finance as both an academic and as a practitioner, with numerous publications to his name.

Additional notes: Dr Doran will talk about the most efficient methods for protecting portfolio value from left-tail risk, with a particular focus on the proposition that the search for alpha, and the protection against draw-down, are two distinct value-add propositions. He will approach the issue from both an academic and practitioner point-of-view.

As per usual, we will aim for a 20-minute presentation, followed by lunch and a (lightly) moderated discussion.

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