Sydney Monthly Lunch Series - Mean-variance sucks! Why not just apply some utility function?

15 Aug 2018

Discussion leader: Geoff Warren


Metropolitan Hotel
1 Bridge St, Sydney
Level 2 room

Q-Group Monthly Lunch Series

Wednesday 15th August 12:30 - 13:30 (with option to continue to 14:00)

Additional notes: Geoff has recently done some work on this topic, and for those who wish to do some reading before the event, a summary of his results is attached to this flyer. The summary also contains a link to the full paper hosted on SSRN.

If you would like to attend, please rsvp using the following link:[SYDNEY]_I_would_like_to_attend_lunch_series_August_2018

We will respond to all rsvps so that you can be certain whether a spot has been allocated.

If you are interested in being the discussion leader for a particular topic, then please contact us at In the long-term, our aim is for most (all?) members to lead a discussion at a lunch series event, so please do not be shy in contacting the committee.

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The Q-Group Committee

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