RiskLab - Q Group Melbourne Seminar - The social science of superannuation: understanding messy human problems

22 Aug 2018

Dr. Erin B. Taylor


Data61 Demonstration Lab
710 Collins Street
Docklands, Melbourne

Dear Q Group members,

You are invited to attend a seminar “The social science of superannuation: understanding messy human problems” given by Dr. Erin B. Taylor of Indiana University, at 5pm Wednesday 22 August 2018, at Data61 Demonstration Lab (710 Collins Street, Docklands) in Melbourne.

Erin will present several case studies on online pension provider, robo-advice, online pensions village, personalised videos from Australia and overseas.


Our personal finances underpin virtually everything we do in life, yet it is notoriously difficult to get people to invest sufficient time and effort into financial planning. Why is this so, and what can we do about it?

For decades, researchers and policy makers treated this as a problem of 'financial literacy'. However, even people who are highly financially literate struggle with personal financial management. Not only are many financial products complex; financial behaviour is also shaped by biases, values, cultural practices, and other "messy" aspects of being human.

New ways of understanding financial behaviour are emerging from anthropology, sociology, finance, behavioral economics, psychology, and neuromarketing. These are achieving considerable success in 'nudging' consumers towards engagement, and in helping designers create more human-friendly products and services.

However, changing communications and products is not enough: we also need to ensure that the design of superannuation markets matches the reality of messy human behaviour. This seminar explores this problem by drawing upon cutting-edge research and examples from Australia and the Netherlands.


Dr. Erin B. Taylor is an economic anthropologist whose works crosses academic and commercial environments. She researches and writes about financial behaviour, technology use, and cultural difference. Erin is the author of "Materializing Poverty: How the Poor Transform Their Lives" (2013, AltaMira), and is currently concocting a new book about fintech and human messiness.


5:00pm Arrival

5:30pm Seminar starts

6:30pm Networking


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