Q-Group Sydney Half-day Colloquium July 2017

20 Jul 2017



Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney 2000

We are pleased to present a half-day colloquium for the benefit of our members. The speakers and their respective topics follow:

Simon Elimelakh (NAB Asset Management)
Topic: Re-activating Active Share – as a portfolio analysis tool

Bok Khoo (Founder, Bok Consulting)
Topic: The trusted blockchain platform for trustless transactions and finance

Di Bu (Bond University), Yin Liao (QUT), and Michael ONeill (Investors Mutual Limited, Bond University)
Topic: A dynamic network model to address estimation error and instability in the mean-variance portfolio and improve out-of-sample performance

Stewart Wright (Founder, Vifortech Solutions)
Topic: You can apply rigorous analytics to the real estate asset class (it doesn't have to be guesswork and slick salesmanship)

It is a great line-up of speakers, and it promises to be an interesting day. As per usual, the event is free for all current members of Q-Group. Aside from the interesting material, the event also allows for interaction and networking opportunities, promising a fruitful intermingling between finance academics, practitioners, and the public sector. For those who are interested, the conversation can be continued after the event at a local bar. If you can confirm attendance at this point, then please RSVP using the following link:


We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Q-Group Committee

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